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THIS FORM CAN BE FILLED ONLINE THEN PRINTEDOFFER AND AGREEMENT TO PURCHASE Subject to the terms and conditions set forth below, Seller agrees to sell and Buyer agrees to purchase the following described
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Welcome back John fedra here and I will do a quick video showing you exactly which paperwork that you need to be using when you're purchasing a mobile home inside of a park now this is for use in all 50 states except for California and for Texas there'll be two separate videos again one for California one for Texas showing you the procedure and the paperwork to use for closing because in most of the states we use the same paperwork but in California Texas we use different paperwork so when you're purchasing a mobile phone I want to go through like everything up to the point of closing itself and the first thing that you're going to come to when you first talk to a seller either they're calling you or you're calling them it's going to be a seller questionnaire and let me say first if you don't have the manila folders get them and they get these clips up at the top they keep all of the paperwork you know in nice orderly fashion and then you can just keep it I have one like ones like these if I'm purchasing a mobile home in a park I folders like this if I'm purchasing a mobile home on land selling a mobile home on land selling a mobile home in a park you can keep all your documents real handy in the trunk in the trunk of your car so the first form that I'd like to go into is the show a questionnaire if you don't have a cell a questionnaire specifically for mobile homes then you have to have one you can get one free by going to my site mobile home investing dotnet and signing up there I give you a number of pieces of paperwork that this is included in there for absolutely no charge again it's the seller questionnaire and in this questionnaire you just have to find out a if it's the right home that you want to get into be if the seller is motivated if they're willing to you know take a lower priced offer or accept payments for their equity and then make sure that the park is of course something that you'd want to invest in that park as well so if the home qualifies you can set up an appointment after you do that when you're walking through the home to have this checklist now we give an exterior checklist a bathroom checklist you know when you're walking through the home you want to make sure that everything is in working order and if it's not then the price that you're going to offer the seller will that will be reflected in the price a kitchen cyclist rune checklist going from room to room and of course maybe the most important mechanical systems which are of course you know your hot water heater plumbing heating AC and etc now the next form we come to are actually skipping one and this is a one that I'm going to talk about but not showing you is something that I reserved only for my coaching clients you go to mobile home if you want to learn more but basically it's a pricing sheet we go ahead and we know which offers to make on every home no matter what the situation of the seller is depending on the seller and the home the goal here is...